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We are a strategy, organization and management consulting firm. We provide advisory to senior management and executive commitees of large and medium-sized companies in their strategic and operational transformation. We deliver tailor-made, simple and pragmatic solutions to take up their challenges.

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Company overview

Our vision of consulting

Our DNA naturally leads us to enhance our customers' standards by bringing meaning and consistency. Giving the actors a chance to speak in successive concentric circles to build the strategy together and successfully prefigure its implementation. We definitely have a systemic approach anticipating all impacts.

Combining strategy and organization development

Convinced that the success of a company lies in its ability to achieve balance between economic and human challenges, we are committed alongside our clients in the implementation of their strategic projects. Our goal is to align strategy, organization and management culture in the service of performance.

Our customer commitments

SECOR Conseil is committed to build a trustful relationship with its customers, based on a lasting consulting, attentive to the added value that we deliver ; experienced teams, able to simplify the complexity in which you operate ; a pragmatic and tailor-made approach of your challenges.

Our added value

Make strategy happen !
Our multicultural roots allow us to take a different look at your problems, easily build bridges between cultures, create an environment that enables problems resolution with lucidity. From ideas to actions, we are a catalyst for value creating solutions.

Firm history

SECOR Group was founded in 1975 in Montreal, operating in North America and, since 1997, in Europe. The north american component of the Group was acquired in July 2012. Since then, the European entity based in Paris continues its activities independantly under the name of SECOR Conseil while developing in Europe and internationally.

Our answers to your challenges

Strategic vision & coherency

SECOR Conseil can combine strategic diagnosis, corporate vision formulation and strategy implementation. We work in particular on complex transformations (eg. Post-Merger integration ), brand architecture, customer relationship, innovation and performance monitoring.

Organizational dynamics

SECOR Conseil works with many companies engaged in the optimization of their organization. Either through organizational design or management of changes in their corporate governance, we help our clients to transform and improve performance thanks to focused and mobilized teams.

Employees mobilization

Because employees commitment is a prerequisite for the success of strategic projects, we assist our customers in assessing key players engagement, identifying mobilization levers, setting up a barometer/monitoring center of change and managerial communication.

Senior management development

The performance of our customers depends on key executives and managers' ability to develop skills in line with the changing challenges they face. To support its clients' development, SECOR Conseil designs development programs for executives and managers in the service of the strategy implementation.

A word from the chairwoman

After more than 30 years of experience in companies in contexts of strong change, I have become convinced that their strategic transformation can succeed under certain conditions : setting in motion and mobilizing the organization, with a prerequisite that is alignment on the definition and implementation of the strategy, by promoting cooperation and collaborative proposals in a logic of action and concrete results. In a nutshell : converge strategies and Men.

Fran├žoise Ruiz
Chairwoman / CEO